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Humid weather in Kansas City for this weekend but much cooler, even colder temperatures for Labor Day

Hot and humid weather is expected to return in Kansas City on Saturday. The heat index may reach the upper 90s, said FOX4 meteorologist Joe Lauria.

“Great weather for the rest of tonight and for tomorrow morning. But tomorrow afternoon, It will change,” said Lauria, who provides weather updates to The Star.

“As the humidity goes way up there,” he said. “The heat index goes all the way up to 95 and there might be a spotty shower or thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon but don’t cancel your outdoor plans because of that.”

Much cooler and calmer weather is expected to arrive on Labor Day.

“Where the front sets up will determine our temperatures on Monday afternoon. If the front is to the north, we will have hotter weather here in Kansas City,” Lauria said. “If the front comes through a little bit quicker, some temperatures may not be as warm on Monday.”

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The cooler temperatures will push away the humidity. There is a chance for rain Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

Conditions are expected to be windy and much cooler. It may linger into Wednesday as well.

“So there are a couple of days next week not looking good,” Lauria said. “I am hopeful that everything gets out of here in time for the football game in a week or so, but there is a possibility that we could get some rain on Thursday.”

Kansas City could get record cold temperatures for the middle part of next week, he said.


How we did this story

The Star produced this weather update in partnership with the local FOX4 television station. The station’s meteorologists create forecast videos multiple times a day for the newspaper to include in its weather reports.

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Glenn E. Rice covers crime, courts and breaking news for The Kansas City Star, where he’s worked since 1988. Rice is a Kansas City native and a graduate of the University of Central Missouri.
Local news has never been more important

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